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Our Moshi village bike tour takes you mostly to countryside areas unveiling the beauty of northern Tanzania.
Begin at our welcoming bike shop near Mount Kilimanjaro, where you will be equipped for a smile-filled adventure. Pedal to Bonite and Mjengweni villages for an authentic taste of African life, discovering mixed farming and hands-on rice field experiences.

Ride to Rau Forest, home to Kilimanjaro’s oldest tree, then spice up your journey at the historic Moshi railway station and Mbuyuni local market.

Indulge in tropical fruits, delicious local lunch and cultural delights before returning to our bike shop, concluding your day of exploration and fun with a friendly transfer back to your accommodation.

Distance covered: Km 36 | Road type: Dirt road and Tarmac Road

Tour availability: All year around




Start your adventure with us at the bike shop in Moshi Town, nestled in the north of Tanzania, right by the famous Mt. Kilimanjaro. Moshi is a gem, known for its breathtaking views of the iconic mountain, attracting climbers from all around.
Step into our bike shop, where a warm welcome awaits. We’ll walk you through the tour details, and soon you’ll be geared up with a bike and helmet, ready for the journey ahead.
Need a pick up from the airport or your Moshi accommodation? No worries! Just reach out to our friendly team in advance, and we’ll make sure you kick off your exploration with a smile.


Leaving our bike shop, we will head to the outskirts of Moshi Town, visiting Bonite and Mjengweni villages as our destinations for the second stop. As we pedal through the green countryside, you will see traditional homes and meet friendly locals.

These villages give you a real taste of African village life. You will witness how locals here grow food for their families all year round through mixed farming.

If you are up for it, we can stop by a rice field, and you can join the field workers. It is a chance to understand how much hard work goes into soaking rice, firsthand.


You will continue riding heading to Rau forest, home to a special tree—it is the oldest and tallest in Kilimanjaro, standing at a whopping 51 meters and over 200 years old.

This forest is like a hidden gem just behind Moshi Town, full of natural beauty. As you pedal through this endless jungle, listen for animal sounds and keep an eye out for playful monkeys like the blue, black and white Colobus ones with their long, fluffy tails!

You do not have to worry about rushing to Zanzibar for a tropical escape. Right by the woods, there is a spot where you can soak in awesome views of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Pare Mountains. Take a break, sip coconut water, chill by the rice fields, and enjoy your lunch before heading back to the hustle and bustle of civilization.


We’ll spice up the adventure with a visit to the Moshi railway station, a relic from the German colonial era. Feel the local vibe as we explore the bustling train tracks.

Next up, the Mbuyuni local market awaits, offering an authentic African experience. Dive into a burst of tropical fruits that will make your taste buds delighted. It is a pit stop you did not know you needed, especially if you are crazy about bikes and exotic flavors.

After this exciting tour, our guide will lead you back to our bike shop. There, you will meet a friendly driver who will take you back to your hotel or lodge, wrapping up your day of exploration and fun.

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