Where we serve local cyclists and international travelers

What we offer

Our skilled technicians have been the go-to resource for the local cycling community, offering expert repairs and maintenance to keep bikes in optimal condition. From minor adjustments to comprehensive overhauls, we’ve been a trusted partner for cyclists of all levels.

Tailor your biking experience with our diverse range of mountain bikes available for rent. Whether you prefer the agility of a hard-tail, the versatility of a full-suspension model, or any other specialized features, we have a variety of options to suit your individual preferences. 

Recognizing the diverse needs of cyclists, we have offered affordable solutions, including second-hand bikes, accessories, spare parts, and services. This accessibility has contributed to the growth of cycling as a sustainable and accessible mode of transportation.

We actively engage with the local cycling community through events, workshops, and group rides. This has created a vibrant cycling culture, fostering connections and camaraderie among enthusiasts. 

As a waypoint for bicycle travelers crossing Tanzania, we take pride in providing essential support. Our services extend beyond repairs, encompassing a warm welcome, local insights, and assistance to ensure their journey is seamless and enjoyable.

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