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Explore a full-day cycling adventure in Tanzania, where each pedal unveils the beauty of the landscape and the richness of local culture. Our cycling tours promise a day of exploration, guiding you through scenic trails, cultural landmarks and even cycling through a national park’s wildlife area. Immerse yourself in vibrant surroundings, fueled by the thrill of cycling and the joy of discovering Tanzania’s hidden gems.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, our full-day tours provide a perfect blend of outdoor excitement and cultural enrichment, ensuring a memorable day in the heart of Tanzania.

full day tour packages

34.4 km | Availabe: All year round

Explore the cultural richness and natural beauty intertwined in this bike tour. Witness Kilimanjaro’s longest dropping waterfall and the Chagga people.

30 km | Availabe: All year round

Pedal through the beautiful trails in Tanzania with our expert guides who will ensure a seamless journey and unveiling the region’s hidden gems.

39.5 km | Availabe: All year round

Discover the allure of West Kilimanjaro with Bike Safari. This unique journey seamlessly blends cycling, cultural exploration, and wildlife encounters.

45.4 km | Availabe: All year round

Put your MTB skills to the next level with this day bike tour to the Shira plateau on Mount Kilimanjaro at 3872m. You will start the tour at Londorossi gate (2200m).

36 km | Availabe: All year round

Explore the beauty of Arusha National Park on our exciting bike tour. Start your journey at Momella Gate, where you’ll be accompanied by an armed ranger and support vehicle

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