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Looking for the next adventure to put your MTB skills to the next level?
Join our 1 day bike tour to the Shira plateau in Mount Kilimanjaro, starting at Londorossi Gate (2200m). Traverse through lush mountain forests, pause at Morum Picnic Site (3407m) for lunch with a spectacular view of Kibo Peak (on a clear day).

Continue to the thrilling Shira Plateau (3872m), capturing snow-covered Kibo Peak and the expansive Maasai land. Brace for an exhilarating downhill ride to Londorossi Gate, concluding our joyful adventure.

Our professional team ensures a seamless experience, offering a comfortable transfer back to your accommodation, making every moment memorable.

Distance covered: Km 45.4 | Road type: Dirt road and Gravel Road

Tour availability: All year round




Our ride today kicks off at an elevation of 2200m, surrounded by the natural beauty of a rainforest zone. Before we set out, we will complete necessary formalities and registrations. Take a moment to refresh before we start the gradual uphill pedal towards the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

As we traverse the enchanting forest, our next destination is the captivating Morum Picnic Site. This picturesque stop offers an ideal chance to soak in the surroundings and enjoy a well-deserved break.


From elevation of 3407 meters, you will witness the enchanting shift from rainforest to the breezy Heath and Moorland zone at Morum picnic site.

We will take a break for a delightful lunch while soaking in the stunning sight of Kibo Peak on a clear day.

Once you’ve finished your meal, we will ride onward to the final stop, the picturesque Shira Plateau. Along the way, we’ll cross paths with other climbers trekking the mountain on the Lemosho route.

It’s a chance to share the journey and the beauty of the surroundings with fellow adventurers, making memories together amidst the majestic landscapes.


We’ll wrap up our tour at the exciting Shira Plateau, standing tall at 3872 meters. Take some pictures, enjoy the snowy Kibo Peak view, and soak in the endless Maasai land sights.

Hold on as we ride downhill from 3872 meters, ending at Londorossi gate. We’ll then get you back to your place – a perfect finale to an awesome ride!

Price 350 USD per person

Contact us for a group price which is lower in case you are in a group.

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