1 - Day West Kilimanjaro Bike Tour

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Discover the allure of West Kilimanjaro with a one-day Bike Safari. Begin your day with a picturesque transfer, soaking in the early morning views of Mount Kilimanjaro.’
Navigate through Meru villages in Ngarenairobi, pedal past Tingatinga Maasai Villages, and witness wildlife in the Ngabobo Wildlife Corridor. Conclude your adventure with an authentic African lunch in Osiligilai Maasai Village, surrounded by cultural immersion and lively Maasai performances.
This unique journey seamlessly blends cycling, cultural exploration, and wildlife encounters, promising an unforgettable day in the heart of West Kilimanjaro’s beauty and traditions.

Distance covered: Km 39.5 | Road type: Dirt road and Tarmac Road

Tour availability: All year round


FIRST STOP: Transfer from West Kilimanjaro Starting Point:

In the early morning, we will embark on our journey towards West Kilimanjaro. Along the way, there are numerous sights to behold, including the stunning view of Mount Kilimanjaro and the captivating sunrise on this side of West Kilimanjaro

SECOND STOP: Ngarenairobi

Upon arriving in the town of Ngarenairobi, we will unload our bikes to commence our journey. Ngarenairobi is a town close to one of the popular routes for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the Lemosho route. Riding approximately 8 kilometers through the villages of Ngarenairobi, predominantly inhabited by the Meru people and a mix of other farming and pastoralist communities, provides a cultural experience. En route to our second stop, passing through the area known as “mawasiliano,” covering 17 square kilometers, offers opportunities to encounter various wildlife and enjoy beautiful views from Mount Meru.

THIRD STOPS: Tingatinga maasai villages

Upon reaching Tingatinga, a Maasai village, we will replenish with water and sodas before continuing our journey. The route passes through Maasai villages, known for their prominent pastoralist culture in Africa.

FOURTH STOP: Ngabobo Wildlife Corridor

One of the highlights making West Kilimanjaro ideal for cycling is the presence of wildlife corridors connecting Arusha National Park to Amboseli National Park in Kenya. These corridors also serve as pathways for Maasai herders, adding to the unique experience of cycling in this serene and scenic region.

last stop : Osiligilai Maasai Village

After cycling for approximately four to five hours, it’s time to enjoy a delicious authentic African lunch prepared in a Maasai village, Osiligilai. Welcomed with Maasai songs and dance, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the history, traditions, and customs of the Maasai people. After a brief historical overview, it’s time to return to your accommodation area, Our driver will pack the bike on car ready for transfer.

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Price 180 USD per person

Contact us for a group price which is lower in case you are in a group.

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