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Materuni Waterfall, towering at 150 meters, holds the distinction of being Kilimanjaro’s longest dropping waterfall, locally known as Nambe, signifying ‘first-born.’

Originating from Mount Kilimanjaro’s slopes, it’s aptly named Materuni after the village it graces. Serving as the entrance to the traditional home of the Chagga people, the third-largest and most affluent tribe in Tanzania, Materuni offers a captivating insight into their vibrant culture and advanced agricultural practices.

Beyond a village, Materuni unfolds as a scenic vantage point, providing breathtaking views of the majestic Kilimanjaro landscapes. Explore the cultural richness and natural beauty intertwined in this remarkable bike tour.

Distance covered: Km 34.4 | Road type: Dirt road and Tarmac Road

Tour availability: All year round



Start your adventure with us at the bike shop in Moshi Town, nestled in the north of Tanzania, right by the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. Moshi is a gem, known for its breathtaking views of the iconic mountain, attracting climbers from all around.
Step into our bike shop, where a warm welcome awaits. We’ll walk you through the tour details, and soon you’ll be geared up with a bike and helmet, ready for the journey ahead.
Need a pick up from the airport or your Moshi accommodation? No worries! Just reach out to our friendly team in advance, and we’ll make sure you kick off your exploration with a smile.


Take a picturesque route through Moshi city, then travel on a tarmac road to Rau ward. Transition to a dirt road leading to Mamboleo village, providing an immersive cultural experience with the Chagga people, distinguished inhabitants of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Observe their daily farming activities, outdoor food preparation, children going to school, and embrace their exceptional hospitality.


Continue your uphill ride, surrounded by banana plantations and trees, until you reach Materuni village office. Your guide will handle entrance fees and lead you on an enjoyable 4 km walk to the waterfall, sharing the fascinating culture of the Chagga people during the hour-and-a-half journey. Spend quality time at the waterfall, enjoying snacks, taking pictures, or even soaking in the refreshing waters on hot days. Afterward, walk back to the village for a delectable, locally prepared lunch and witness the local coffee-growing and brewing process, culminating in a cup of natural coffee.

Conclude your adventure by riding downhill to Moshi town, savoring the breathtaking view of Mount Kilimanjaro. Hold tight to your bike for a thrilling descent.

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Price 80 USD per person

Contact us for a group price which is lower in case you are in a group.

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