Social Impact


Our commitment to community enhancement extends beyond the tours. Join us in initiatives like “Pedal for a Green Future,” aimed at raising awareness about the impact of climate change and inspire grassroots involvement.
Another impactful endeavor, “Pro Bicycle Craft Tanzania,” focuses on training young Tanzanians to become professional bike mechanics, paving the way for a self-sufficient and promising future in the field.

Your involvement with us transcends tourism – it becomes a shared endeavor for positive, lasting impact.

Discover our social impact projects

This campaign brings together the community, government, and non-governmental entities in a united effort against global warming. 

The Pro Bicycle Craft Tanzania project is dedicated to nurturing a new generation of professional bicycle mechanics with comprehensive bike mechanics training.

Let's design your own charity cycling challenge

Mbalamwezi festival's cycling option one of the charity cycling challenge organized by us, Bike2kIli.

Did you know? Cycling events raised over $4 billion globally in 2022 (Cycling Weekly, 2023). You too or your organization can raise funds through a charity cycling challenge.

We understand the complexities of organizing a successful event. That’s where we come in! We’ll be your one-stop shop for crafting a cycling challenge that raises funds and fuels smiles. Think:

  • Route planning: From gentle paths to thrilling hill climbs, we’ll design a route that suits your participants’ abilities and showcases your chosen location.
  • Logistics and safety: We’ll handle permits, insurance, and all the nitty-gritty, ensuring a smooth and safe ride for everyone.
  • Promotional materials: Eye-catching flyers, captivating social media posts – we’ll spread the word and get people excited to join the adventure.
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