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The Pro Bicycle Craft Tanzania project is dedicated to nurturing a new generation of professional bicycle mechanics. By providing comprehensive training and skill development programs, we aim to empower individuals with the expertise needed to maintain and repair bicycles at a professional level. This initiative not only supports the local community but also promotes sustainable transportation by ensuring that bicycles remain a viable and well-maintained mode of transport. Join us in fostering a skilled workforce and promoting the benefits of cycling for a healthier and more environmentally friendly Tanzania.

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How it all started

Born in the heart of Kilimanjaro, Moshi, I’m Said Juma, a Tanzanian youth deeply passionate about bicycles. Having worked as a bike mechanic and tour guide for years, I seized the opportunity to professionally learn bicycle mechanics.

Filled with excitement, I couldn’t keep this knowledge to myself. I firmly believe in sharing skills and knowledge as a gift that lasts a lifetime. So, after opening my own bike shop, I initiated a project called “Bike Pro Craft.”

Every week, our bike shop transformed into a vibrant classroom, buzzing with eager young minds. The mission was clear – to teach and inspire the youth with valuable skills. Alongside two other bicycle mechanics I’ve trained, we envisioned a future where these young individuals, armed with practical knowledge, would become invaluable contributors to our community.

Our goal extended beyond  economic growth. I witnessed a community embracing sustainable transportation through bicycles. The vision it to nurture a love for cycling and understanding its mechanics, fostering a more environmentally friendly and healthier society.

Week after week, the Bike Pro Craft project flourished, and so did the skills and aspirations of the young learners. They weren’t just becoming mechanics; they were evolving into ambassadors of change, weaving a story of empowerment, sustainability, and progress in the heart of Kilimanjaro, Moshi.

And that, my friend, it’s a story behind our sustainable project – a narrative that propels us towards providing knowledge, skill, and a brighter future for our beloved community.


Get involved in Pro Bicycle Craft

As our pro craft project keep growing every day we seek for donations and expects in order to keep going . We believe  if we can afford  having more bicycle profession tools and other materials for teaching We will be able to expand the number of group  that can be taught at once. 

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